Our Last Anniversary

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Four years ago today, Dan and I had our first date.  We met up at a Barnes and Noble, and he gave me jasmine tea and an audio book, we walked around for awhile, and then made our way to Applebee’s for dinner.   Dan ordered the chicken fingers, and, when the waitress asked him if he wanted a basket or a platter, he said it was a platter kind of night.  I ordered something that neither of us can remember that wasn’t salad, and Dan liked that I didn’t order salad.

Afterwards, I gave him a drive home, and kissed him as we stood in the street outside of his house.  I got lost on the way home.  We had our second date two days later.

And that was it.

In 321, we’ll be getting married, and our dating anniversary will probably fall to the wayside.  So, tonight, we’re going to do what we usually attempt to do but never quite succeed in doing every year: recreating our first date.  Applebee’s chicken fingers platter – here we come!


We say romantic.

Dan, happy anniversary.  I’m continually happy that you are in my life, and I can’t wait to marry you.

How did you celebrate your last dating anniversary?


The Hair Trial

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Because we’re having a morning wedding on a Sunday, I needed to find a hair stylist who was willing to come to me at a slightly obscene hour to do my hair.  I had a lot of trouble finding someone because I’m getting married an hour from my home and don’t have a regular stylist.  We were going to ask my mom’s stylist, so I stopped searching, but she declined and I had to start looking again.

I found a ton of traveling make up artists, but not too many hair stylists.  At one point, I even booked a hair stylist/makeup artist combo, but was a bad bride, and pulled out (and even got my deposit back!) within a week.  I didn’t like that it appeared to be a referral service, and I couldn’t find out who was going to be doing my hair and makeup, and I really wanted to do a trial before I booked.

So, long story short, I found an awesome stylist, less than ten minutes from my venue, willing to do a trial before booking, and is planning to come to me in the early morning to do my hair!

Here are my inspiration photos (and, yes, those photos are from Titanic!) (the ones not from Titanic are from Ruffled Blog)


And here’s what she did!


The front is going to be center parted, with a few tendrils down (like the two front facing pictures).  The back will be a big, low chignon (like the profile and back of my head photos).  The profile photo shows a bit of a bump and height on the front of my head, which won’t be there, we were trying a different front.  I think it’s romantic, and I still felt like me, which was very important to me.

It worked with both of the veils I plan to wear (oh, yes, the girl who never wanted to wear a veil is now wearing two!), and we’re going to work with my natural curl, so I don’t have to sleep with pins or anything like that.

Now the only thing I need to figure out hair-wise is my wedding day color!  I think that I may bite the bullet, and actually get my hair professionally colored for the first time in my life, about two months before the wedding, so see how I like it, and then again about two weeks before – since I’ll have the center part, you’ll definitely be able to see my roots.  I’ll have to experiment and figure out what the perfect shade of red is for me!

Modern Vintage Bridal Look

•November 9, 2009 • 3 Comments

Our venue is a beautiful estate house, and once we visited, we decided the design theme for the wedding would be “Modern Vintage” – elegant and timeless touches combined with a modern twist.  This is the board I’ve put together with my dress and some of my accessories, along with some inspiration photos that capture the elegant feel we’re going for.

Credits, from top right and going clockwise:
Oleg Cassini dress by David’s Bridal; Inspiration Bouquet by Fleurspermail (love the grape hyacinths!); Dress Detail shot by me; Oleg Cassini dress by David’s Bridal; Monogram by Lindsey Rose Weisman; My faux engagement ring (Mystic Topaz in a setting by GreenKarat.com); Bridal Shot via Ruffled Blog; Shoes by John Fluevog; Shot of the venue via Flickr; Bouquet Detail Shot (saved without remembering where it came from! Do you know?  I’ll credit!)

I’ve had my dress in my possession for nearly a year now, and I just adore it.  I’m removing the taupe sash and adding in a metallic mint green one (how could I not throw as much green as possible into my bridal look?).  I have both a birdcage veil and my friend Lindsey’s veil to wear, too – I think I’ll wear the more traditional veil (a two tier fingertip veil with beautiful beading on it) for the ceremony, and the birdcage for the reception.  I have my hair trial at the end of this week (EEK), so hopefully I’ll get some great photos with veil hair for some more inspiration!!

To Veil or Not To Veil…

•June 27, 2009 • 1 Comment

I was anti-veil for a long time – but I, literally, woke up one morning and thought, “You know… a birdcage veil would be super cute.”

And then I did some wedding blog reading and internet shopping.

And before long, this lovely veil from Something Bold had turned up on my door step.

My dress has a very modern vintage feel to it, and is pretty far from white – definetly a deep champagne / golden cream color.  So I chose the ivory veil, but was a little worried that it would still be too white.

But it’s not.  It’s perfect and I love it and I want to wear it all over the house all day.


(Yes, it needs to be steamed.. it'll lie an inch lower so it doesn't cut right across my eyes!)


(a very reluctant co-model in the Maeby-cat)

I’m planning on wearing my hair up, with the veil over my face, blusher style, for photos and the ceremony, and then turn it back, and wear it over my hair for the reception.  I tried it on a variety of ways and made Dan take pictures (sorry we don’t have any pictures of Maeby modeling it, she was not feeling very cooperative).  We both agreed that we liked it straight over my face (not off kilter) and straight over my hair (not under my bun, as I originally imagined it).



I even tried it on with my dress, and it’s perfect.  My mom was worried that it wouldn’t be enough veil for such a poof of a dress, but it works well – the veil gives it a much more retro and party vibe, and the colors look great together.

To take the retro faux-vintage feel even further, I ordered a pair of little mint green gloves. Can’t wait till they arrive!  I think they’ll be a perfect finishing touch to the whole ensemble, and bring the green of my sash out.

Dan and my best ladies will be wearing black dresses of their own choice – so I thought it would be an elegant touch to have them wear mini black veils, to set them apart from the sea of other guests in black dresses, as well as create a cohesive look for the women in the bridal party.  I bought the Elizabeth veils from Something Bold, and will let them choose how they’d like to wear them.  I think it’s so sassy!

So now I’m a birdcage veil convert.  I still don’t get fascinators (fake flowers in my hair? no thanks).  But birdcage veils?  Awesome.


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Welcome to my wedding blog

Dan and I used to refer to something we called our “inevitability” – inevitably, we knew we were going to get married and spend the rest of our lives together one day. To that end, we don’t have a traditional proposal or engagement story, as there was really no point that someone got down on one knee and asked the other to be their husband/wife – it’s just something we decided on one day. Romantic – well, not really. But it’s a decision we’re both very happy with.

We picked the date of 10/10/10 many months ago for a variety of reasons… one of them being that he is a geek, and gets huge kick out of the binary elements of a 101010 wedding, and I always wanted to get married in October. But now that’s 2009, we’re getting married next year, and it’s time that we filled everyone else in on it, and started planning a little bit. And that brings us to today!

We are both so excited for what the next year plus of our “engagement” will hold for us, and can’t wait to share our wedding with you! Please stay tuned to this space for updates, wedding planning fun, and other information as the date draws closer.

The Officiant Search Begins + Fiddler on the Roof

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“What are you? Everything? The bridegroom, matchmaker, and guests in one? I suppose you’ll perform the ceremony, too?” – Fiddler on the Roof

I’m having a lot of trouble letting go of my wedding ceremony.  I even suggested to Dan that we could get legally married (just sign the paperwork) in New Jersey, and then do a self-uniting ceremony, where we and our bridal party would lead the wedding – but he wasn’t too into it.  Part of me wants an officiant, too.

The issue I’m running into is that the laws in New York State don’t allow ministers who don’t have a congregation  to solemnize weddings.

So I guess the wedding officiant thing is going to take me awhile – research, emails, phone calls.  It’s something that I was putting off for the time being – but now I realize that it was my own anxiety about the whole finding a Celebrant that was making me put it off.  Even though a lot of the other details for the wedding have fallen into place without much effort (in a fabulous way!), I think the officiant search is going to be tough.

Who performed your wedding ceremony?

Now let’s enjoy one of my favorite movie wedding scenes – it makes me cry almost every time.  It doesn’t get more traditional than this though.

When Tzeitel and Motel get married, she carries lavender in her bouquet – when they get permission to get married, and go into the woods and sing “Miracle of Miracles,” Motel picks some lavender and presents it to Tzeitel.  Cute detail, right?

And the candles that everyone carries in the wedding are triple wicked, so they’d have fabulous light.

I’ve seen this movie too many times.

Wedding Rings: Check!

•February 7, 2009 • 2 Comments

I had a notice in our mailbox that I needed to go to the post office to pick up a signature needed envelope.  I had NO idea what it was going to be as I was not expecting anything important that could be stuffed into an envelope.  I finally made it into the post office and was pleasantly surprised to discover our wedding rings! Stuffed into a USPS signature confirmation envelope.

We fell in love with these rings from Green Karat, which went with the whole binary theme of the wedding in a really beautiful way, but they were kind of out of our budget.  Though I do love that you can make a ring registry, where you can have your family and friends send in their unwanted jewelry to reduce the cost of your rings.

Binary Ring from greenKarat.com

Binary Ring from greenKarat.com

So I knew we wanted some kind of binary carving on the rings, but we were open to other options, too.  Someone posted a link to Titanium Era on a wedding planning community I read, and I found they have lovely titanium rings that we both really loved.  And they were reasonable.

So I did what I always do in my crazy 18+ month early wedding planning frenzy: I bought them.

They came in the mail today.

Inner Engraving - the infinity symbol, our intitials, and the wedding date

Inner Engraving - the infinity symbol, our intitials, and the wedding date

We each chose a 4 letter word to engrave on the others ring.  They both fit (my main concern with ordering rings off of the internet). We each chose our own fonts for the engraving.  They’re incredibly light, and really comfortable.

I knew that no ring was going to fit or look good on the same finger as my fake-engagement ring, so I’ll probably move that to another finger post-wedding.

Non-Engagement Engagement Ring

Non-Engagement Engagement Ring

Lovely!  We’re not having a ring bearer or anything like that, so we’re not sure who is going to have the rings yet – either our honor attendants, the officiant, or we’ll hold each others.  They didn’t come in a box or anything, and I’m trying to decide if it’s worth it or necessary to buy a pretty ring box.