To Veil or Not To Veil…

I was anti-veil for a long time – but I, literally, woke up one morning and thought, “You know… a birdcage veil would be super cute.”

And then I did some wedding blog reading and internet shopping.

And before long, this lovely veil from Something Bold had turned up on my door step.

My dress has a very modern vintage feel to it, and is pretty far from white – definetly a deep champagne / golden cream color.  So I chose the ivory veil, but was a little worried that it would still be too white.

But it’s not.  It’s perfect and I love it and I want to wear it all over the house all day.

(Yes, it needs to be steamed.. it'll lie an inch lower so it doesn't cut right across my eyes!)

(a very reluctant co-model in the Maeby-cat)

I’m planning on wearing my hair up, with the veil over my face, blusher style, for photos and the ceremony, and then turn it back, and wear it over my hair for the reception.  I tried it on a variety of ways and made Dan take pictures (sorry we don’t have any pictures of Maeby modeling it, she was not feeling very cooperative).  We both agreed that we liked it straight over my face (not off kilter) and straight over my hair (not under my bun, as I originally imagined it).

I even tried it on with my dress, and it’s perfect.  My mom was worried that it wouldn’t be enough veil for such a poof of a dress, but it works well – the veil gives it a much more retro and party vibe, and the colors look great together.

To take the retro faux-vintage feel even further, I ordered a pair of little mint green gloves. Can’t wait till they arrive!  I think they’ll be a perfect finishing touch to the whole ensemble, and bring the green of my sash out.

Dan and my best ladies will be wearing black dresses of their own choice – so I thought it would be an elegant touch to have them wear mini black veils, to set them apart from the sea of other guests in black dresses, as well as create a cohesive look for the women in the bridal party.  I bought the Elizabeth veils from Something Bold, and will let them choose how they’d like to wear them.  I think it’s so sassy!

So now I’m a birdcage veil convert.  I still don’t get fascinators (fake flowers in my hair? no thanks).  But birdcage veils?  Awesome.


~ by Jessie on June 27, 2009.

One Response to “To Veil or Not To Veil…”

  1. SO INCREDIBLY CUTE! And I’m sooo excited about my black veil! Sometimes I wear it around the house! Q does not love it as much as Maeby likes yours.

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