The Hair Trial

Because we’re having a morning wedding on a Sunday, I needed to find a hair stylist who was willing to come to me at a slightly obscene hour to do my hair.  I had a lot of trouble finding someone because I’m getting married an hour from my home and don’t have a regular stylist.  We were going to ask my mom’s stylist, so I stopped searching, but she declined and I had to start looking again.

I found a ton of traveling make up artists, but not too many hair stylists.  At one point, I even booked a hair stylist/makeup artist combo, but was a bad bride, and pulled out (and even got my deposit back!) within a week.  I didn’t like that it appeared to be a referral service, and I couldn’t find out who was going to be doing my hair and makeup, and I really wanted to do a trial before I booked.

So, long story short, I found an awesome stylist, less than ten minutes from my venue, willing to do a trial before booking, and is planning to come to me in the early morning to do my hair!

Here are my inspiration photos (and, yes, those photos are from Titanic!) (the ones not from Titanic are from Ruffled Blog)

And here’s what she did!

The front is going to be center parted, with a few tendrils down (like the two front facing pictures).  The back will be a big, low chignon (like the profile and back of my head photos).  The profile photo shows a bit of a bump and height on the front of my head, which won’t be there, we were trying a different front.  I think it’s romantic, and I still felt like me, which was very important to me.

It worked with both of the veils I plan to wear (oh, yes, the girl who never wanted to wear a veil is now wearing two!), and we’re going to work with my natural curl, so I don’t have to sleep with pins or anything like that.

Now the only thing I need to figure out hair-wise is my wedding day color!  I think that I may bite the bullet, and actually get my hair professionally colored for the first time in my life, about two months before the wedding, so see how I like it, and then again about two weeks before – since I’ll have the center part, you’ll definitely be able to see my roots.  I’ll have to experiment and figure out what the perfect shade of red is for me!


~ by Jessie on November 14, 2009.

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