Wedding Rings: Check!

I had a notice in our mailbox that I needed to go to the post office to pick up a signature needed envelope.  I had NO idea what it was going to be as I was not expecting anything important that could be stuffed into an envelope.  I finally made it into the post office and was pleasantly surprised to discover our wedding rings! Stuffed into a USPS signature confirmation envelope.

We fell in love with these rings from Green Karat, which went with the whole binary theme of the wedding in a really beautiful way, but they were kind of out of our budget.  Though I do love that you can make a ring registry, where you can have your family and friends send in their unwanted jewelry to reduce the cost of your rings.

Binary Ring from

Binary Ring from

So I knew we wanted some kind of binary carving on the rings, but we were open to other options, too.  Someone posted a link to Titanium Era on a wedding planning community I read, and I found they have lovely titanium rings that we both really loved.  And they were reasonable.

So I did what I always do in my crazy 18+ month early wedding planning frenzy: I bought them.

They came in the mail today.

Inner Engraving - the infinity symbol, our intitials, and the wedding date

Inner Engraving - the infinity symbol, our intitials, and the wedding date

We each chose a 4 letter word to engrave on the others ring.  They both fit (my main concern with ordering rings off of the internet). We each chose our own fonts for the engraving.  They’re incredibly light, and really comfortable.

I knew that no ring was going to fit or look good on the same finger as my fake-engagement ring, so I’ll probably move that to another finger post-wedding.

Non-Engagement Engagement Ring

Non-Engagement Engagement Ring

Lovely!  We’re not having a ring bearer or anything like that, so we’re not sure who is going to have the rings yet – either our honor attendants, the officiant, or we’ll hold each others.  They didn’t come in a box or anything, and I’m trying to decide if it’s worth it or necessary to buy a pretty ring box.


~ by Jessie on February 7, 2009.

2 Responses to “Wedding Rings: Check!”

  1. The wedding I was MOH in, the best man kept both rings in his pocket. I think traditionally, I was supposed to put the groom’s ring on my thumb or something to hold it (no pockets), but I have huge hands and was worried Joe’s ring would get stuck on one of my fingers, so I just let Chris hold them both.

  2. we have the same cute little salt n pepp ghost shakers! I love the binary “i love you” rings – I thought that was very geek awesome when I saw that before!
    I’ll have to stay tuned to your lace knitting adventures – I’m thinking of knitting the rowan “river” scarf (it uses kidsilk haze – not so bad, eh?)
    have you looked on knitty for some wedding knit patterns?

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